When you walk into a classroom at Far Horizons Montessori School, the first thing you notice is that everyone is busy. There is a variety of activity in the classroom as well as a great deal of movement.

You can't help but notice the quiet hushed tone of young children so busy and focused.

In our preschool class you may see a child counting beads on a hundred chain labeling each group of ten; others are working together on a puzzle map of South America.

A child sits in a rocking chair as she reads to herself. Nearby, several children are working independently with the moveable alphabet, spelling words and sentences phonetically.

Still others are working on practical life and sensorial activities such as table washing, sewing, mirror polishing, block designs and patterns, pasting loops and sound cylinders.

Over in the corner of the room, a teacher introduces a new language activity to a small group of children.

Each child is engaged with an activity of choice. He will complete the activity cycle and then may continue using the material as long as it holds his interest. When he is finished, he will return the material to the shelf and select another. The spirit of the room is calm and joyful as the children focus on their work choice.

Each child experiences a blend of freedom and self-discipline as he fulfills his natural curiosity about the world around him in a Montessori classroom especially designed to meet his developmental needs.