December Academic Overview

A Great Start to an Amazing Year!
     As the year comes to a close, it is the perfect time to reflect on how much our children have grown during the past semester…
     Our four year olds are now reading independently, spelling larger phonetic words, and working on writing their numbers to one hundred. They are exploring geography and science with material in the classroom, practicing the multiples of numbers two through eleven and working with calendars. 
     Many of our kindergartners are now selecting addition, subtraction and multiplication speed drill sheets as their work of choice. They are learning to figure change for a dollar in their heads, and have been introduced to division with remainders. They have been writing their numbers to 200 by ones, 500 by fives, 1000 by tens, and all their multiples. They know the squares of numbers to ten squared and the complementary square roots. They have also been introduced to place value and carrying as they have explored the Montessori golden bead material.
Our children are all learning and growing far more than I can write about here. Follow along as our blog continues to make a photo journal of their learning experiences and fun adventures.
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