Fequently Asked Questions


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What Is Montessori?

Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and professor of anthropology, (1870-1952) used her unique genius for observing children as they naturally learn.

Dr. Montessori's observations led her to develop a method of education that has enriched the lives of children throughout the world for over 100 years. At the core of her method is her belief in the dignity of the child and in the amazing possibilities that he possesses.

Montessori education focuses on observing and nurturing the natural development of each child through individualized instruction in a carefully prepared enriched environment. Montessori schools provide an excellent education for millions of children internationally. 

Presently, with over 4,000 Montessori schools in the United States, Montessori is the fastest growing, most successful method of education today.

What Makes Far Horizons Montessori Program So Unique?

Our belief that children learn best through discovery

"The hand is an instrument of the mind." - Dr. Maria Montessori

Montessori describes the child under six as “a sensorial explorer”. Not yet capable of abstract thought, he learns about his world through his senses. The materials in our carefully prepared environment provide the child with cycles of activity that he uses to develop his knowledge about the world.

This discovery approach to learning encourages creative thinking and problem solving. It also assists the child in further developing his concentration, patience, motivation and persistence.

By uniting the child's hand and his intellect as he explores his environment, he is able to develop a more in-depth understanding of his world. 

Research further confirms that the richness of the child’s later imagination depends upon the depth and extent of his sensorial experiences in his earliest years.

Unique Learning Materials

"The Montessori materials in our classrooms are irresistible to the young child! "

From the solid cylinders and sandpaper globe to the puzzle maps and number rods, each material encourages activity.

The child chooses the material he wants to use and works with it according to his own needs and interests. In this way the material becomes a means of growth.


One of Dr. Montessori's unique contributions to education is her carefully designed materials. They have special appeal to the young child who is naturally fascinated with activity requiring increased precision of his hand. Each material utilizes and further refines the child's fine motor control.

The child learns by making discoveries with the materials. His sustained attention while working with the material develops his intellect and cultivates concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and an enthusiasm for learning. Montessori uses these materials to introduce the child to every aspect of our cultural heritage: reading, language, math, geography, science, music and art.