November Preschool Class

  Art is an expression of one’s heart and soul, a personal interpretation of the world as an individual sees it, or as it might be.

 Crafts in our Montessori classes allow even our youngest children to create something beautiful through their own effort. Through their work with weekly craft projects, our children are encouraged to listen, to observe, to follow sequences, create patterns, and notice details. The children learn to cut, paste, fold, sort, and paint independently. They learn to complete activities and to clean up after themselves. But best of all, each child is given the opportunity, time, and support to make something by himself. These craft experiences help the child develop the skills and confidence he needs to put his ideas to work in his own creative way.

Check out our October & December craft activities, as well, in our monthly blogs. In our January/February blog, we will focus on math, reading and sensorial activities in our preschool classrooms. Nearly all of our 3 & 4 year old students who joined us as toddlers last year are already reading independently. We will look in on their progress through our upcoming blogs. Our top Pre-K students will read over a hundred library books this year. Imagine the possibilities this academic advantage offers your child!!

For more information, visit our website under the Preschool tabs: Classrooms & Curriculum.

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