Summer Adventure & Learning Camp 2019


Where arts, crafts, and imaginations soar

Enjoy our fabulously fun summer programs! June 10 - July 26


Summer 2019 Prices, Information & Application Click here to download PDF

Far Horizons Montessori’s Summer Camp is for children ages 3 to 9 years old. The camp serves Far Horizons Montessori students as well as children from throughout the community. Each week will include art, crafts, music, dance, costuming, picnics, water play, and a catered pizza luncheon every Fantastic Friday.

Summer Reading & Math Enrichment

Our summer reading & math enrichment program builds skills throughout the summer giving your child a real academic advantage in the fall. Lessons build on your child's current knowledge and take him to the next level. (Enrichment is offered to full and extended day campers returning to Far Horizons Montessori in the fall.) Private tutoring is available to all campers upon request. Check out our school Facebook Page to see some of our 3-year-olds reading.


Join us for lots of learning, loads of laughter & tons of fun this summer at Far Horizons Montessori!

Summer Programs
Morning Camp (8:30am to noon)
Full Day Camp (8:30am – 3:00pm)
Extended Day Camp (7:40am – 5:00pm)

Monster Mania

Giggle, Stomp, Dance and Sing in our Monster Bash.

This session will be filled with ROARS of laughter and “monsterous” fun as we create colorful masks, wild and silly creatures, and delicious trail mix.

We’ll raise a rumpus of our own as we sing & dance with rhythm sticks, bean bags & rhythm instruments.

Rain Forest Retreat

Come monkey around with us as we discover the animals and plants of tropical rain forests.

We’ll create colorful creatures, sculpt beautiful birds, and playful monkey crafts.

We’ll make pineapple bread and chocolate covered fruit. Then we’ll pour on more fun with water relays, bubble play & parachute games.

Paleontology for Kids 

Music, arts & crafts, & costuming fun will capture our campers’ imaginations as they are introduced to the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

We’ll create dinosaur costumes, playful prehistoric pals, & hand-crafted fossils.

Then we’ll discover volcanoes & slime during our MARVELOUS DINO-DIG SCAVENGER HUNT.


Fourth of July Hullaballoo

Join us for summer fun!!!
June 10 - July 26